Data Drivven

About Scott Buckland

The host of the Data Drivven podcast, Scott Buckland has been dabbling in the internet since 1995 and helping businesses online since 2001. In 2017 Scott had the opportunity to step in as leader of a globally distributed digital marketing team of 22 people. It was at this point that Scott got serious (i.e. focused and disciplined) about Conversion Optimisation. Since that time Scott has led the explosive growth of digital lead generation in multiple B2B SaaS businesses across 17 different countries. The Data Drivven project is his way of documenting the process that he wished he had when he was starting out with his career.

What's possible with a data driven approach?

The following is just a snapshot of the growth Scott has had a direct influence in achieving.

+96% in repeatable lead generation quarter over quarter

Despite a purposeful pullback in one sales regions, the other three regions experienced growth between +111% to +215%

+60% increase in SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) quarter over quarter.

This was the highest ever recorded. The lead growth was so good that we needed to pull back on some profitable channels due to sales capacity limits, hence the diminished returns from Lead (96%) to SQL (60%)

+82% increase in revenue quarter over quarter

This was the highest quarter revenue on record, while achieving a 3.06 LTV:CAC off the initial sale (not including expansion sales)

+15% increase in MRR year over year

Across digitally sourced deals despite a -9% spend and COVID market impacts

+169% SEO units sales

Sales increased to historic highs as the team doubled down on unblocking the path forward for this channel in 2020.

-22% paid advertising Cost Per Unit decrease year over year

Despite not being able to run our cheapest cost per unit advertising via Facebook for most of 2020


So, if you'd like to follow along on the journey and see success in your business then checkout the podcast.

Why start a podcast in 2023?

Well, I planned to start it in 2022, but that's another story. Yes, it's a saturated market. And yes, there's a lot of content out there. But it just feels like the right time for me to do it, and it's pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.

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